Subject: printing money in C++ and in Common Lisp
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1998/05/06
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

  the April, 1998 issue of the C/C++ Users Journal has an interesting
  piece.  (don't ask me how I got it or why I read it.)  P.J.Plauger writes
  an insanely elaborate article on how to print money values nicely in C++
  using advanced new features in the language that very few implement,
  something called "facets" and having to do with the horribly kludge they
  call "locale".  it's part of the Standard C++ Library.  of course.

  we're treated to a wonderfully eloquent statement of language power, and
  I quote:

 "The payoff is that the expression statement

    cout << showbase << setw(20)
	 << internal << setfill('*')
	 << Money(123456789.0) << endl;

  generates the output


  Neat, huh?"

  yeah.  neat.  if you _love_ C++.  Money is special wrapper class.  the
  standard template class is called "money_put", which in order to work,
  needs some incredibly hairy setup work: 66 lines beyond the above
  "beauty", including some cut-and-paste code from elsewhere, because it is
  apparently hard to get all the details right.  the implementation of the
  money_put template class takes 145 lines of unbelievable cruftiness.

  so I raised the Lisp Listener window in Allegro CL and I typed:

(format t "~20,'*/dollars/" 123456789/100)

  (I posted the DOLLARS function here on 1997-08-12 as a quick response to
  a question of formatting money -- it took me mere minutes to write) and,
  lo and behold, it generated the output


  very pleased with my 13-line (plus documentation) function, I just _had_
  to use an all-standard FORMAT expression, too, using an integral number
  of cents, as in the article:

(multiple-value-call #'format t "$~V,'*:D.~2,'0D" (- 20 4) (floor 123456789 100))

  and, voilà, it generated the output

  OK, so what _is_ wrong with this picture?  object-orientation, C++ style.
  _that's_ wrong.  the article was worth reading to see how fundamentally
  screwed-up C++ _people_ are, too.  this stuff is ideally suited to a
  data-driven design, a miniature "language" that can describe a locale's
  conventions succinctly, _without_ using virtual functions to return a
  dollar sign, a plus sign, a minus sign, a comma, a decimal point, etc,
  but _no_, this is C++.  we don't have data, we have code.  lots and lots
  of code.  P.J.Plauger himself laments the tall costs.  I can only concur.

  if you think I'm exaggerating when I say that C++ is _fundamentally_
  ill-designed and is only really suited to unethical programmers, this
  article may change your mind.  the _code_ may change your mind.  that
  this crap is part of the Standard C++ Library may change your mind.  for
  kicks, I have extracted the files from the CUJAPR98.ZIP file at
  WWW.CUJ.COM and made the files insert.cpp and money_put.h (cleansed of
  DOS line ending CRuft, too, but FTP should add them back if you need
  them) available under  (copyright in that code is
  assumed to remain with P.J.Plauger, although no notices are included.)

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