Subject: Re: Allegro
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/11/13
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* spamers@must.die (Fernando)
| Of course I did ( I was answering an email _they_ sent me).

  that wasn't what you said you did the first time around.

| I don't use the same signature for email, but even if I did ...

  it is really quite interesting that you get so aggressive about this.

| I asked a few questions, and after one month I'm still waiting.  If this
| is their attitude before having your money...

  I see but one source of attitude, and is it not a fair assessment that
  you would be extraordinarily hard to please at this time?  going public
  with stupid gripes is not a good way to become a valued customer.  even
  if you think you have the right to complain vociferously everywhere you
  go, it cuts both ways.  

| I think I'll go the Harlequin way, so it doesn't really matter that much
| after all, but it's still a good example on how to lose sales.

  or how to avoid losing on some sales.  you're hurting them now, for no
  good reason, and there's little reason to think you will stop once you
  get the product.  find a bug?  send a bug report and try to fix it?  nah,
  we'll have to assume you'll broadcast how crappy their product is, right?

  sometimes, it pays to have a sign in your shop saying "we reserve the
  right to deny service to anyone at any time".  nice people appreciate it.

| You haven't been spammed enough... ;-)

  good grief.  the intelligent approach is an SMTP server in Common Lisp
  that learns from what you reject and adapts its rules for denying mail
  from various sources.  but maybe you need a Common Lisp implementation
  before you can get there and this "spam protection" is the best people
  can do _without_ Common Lisp at their service...?
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