Subject: Re: Allegro
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 1999/11/13
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* spamers@must.die (Fernando)
| Yesterday I downloaded lispworks, and I think I'll go that way.

  I hope you're aware that Franz has offered free versions for longer than
  Harlequin, in particular for Linux.

| You seem very touchy when it comes to Franz (among many other things).

  no, I'm touchy about all things I care about that are maligned unfairly,
  and I'm irritated at people who post with forged and silly addresses in
  general, which was the gist of my criticism, which at least appeared to
  have touched a raw nerve with you, an issue I think you dodge and take
  out on Franz, instead, again being unfair to me _and_ them.

  that you interpret me as being at least somewhat Franz-specific must be
  because you're being Franz-specifically unfairly maligning.  we just had
  a discussion here where Harlequin were being cast as the "underdog",
  which I think is even more of an unfair characterization, and I went on
  at length about why this did not serve either them or the Lisp market.

| It reminds me how the aggressive zealotery of  some Amiga and OS/2 fans
| helped Commodore and IBM to succesfully market their product.

  that you are reminded of this indicates a mindset that does not have
  "fairness" close to its top priorities...  you're going out of your way
  to be even more unfair in your assessment of the situation, which sort of
  proves my point, too: it wouldn't be any fun having you as _my_ customer,
  which is all I want you to consider.  but I couldn't even venture a guess
  that's the _exact_ reason you haven't heard from them, however.

| But don't worry, nice people do understand that your charming personality
| has nothing to do with Franz, and it won't hurt Allegro's sales. ;-)

  thank you for your kind words.  ;)

| Let me guess.... that sign in Franz's shop is Erik Naggum, right?

  no, entirely wrong guess.  that sign is basically on the entire building
  and in several places near them; Berkeley is a nice place with lots of
  really weird people.  for a visiting furriner like myself, stuff like
  this takes on a different proportion than it does for "natives".  (I
  guess it might have been a little internal.)

| Give me a break, will you?

  funny, that's basically what I'm telling you to give Franz Inc.

  Attention Microsoft Shoppers!  MS Monopoly Money 6.0 are now worthless.