Subject: Re: DEAR ERIK:
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/04/23
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Courageous <>
| Out of respect for this poster's wishes, I am willing to
| do so. Are you willing to cease insulting me, calling
| me names, and ridiculing my screen name?

  amusing.  _I_ have given you that opportunity on too numerous occasions,
  already, but you have failed to seize it at every such opportunity, much
  preferring to continue to harrass me, accuse me of malice that is of your
  own imagination, and attacking me.  you see none of your own actions, and
  see evil no matter what I do.  now you have the fucking _gall_ to pretend
  to be nice.  how utterly distasteful.  how utterly in character for you.

  don't pretend that I'm perpetuating this, please.  just shut the fuck up,
  Joe Kraska, and you won't hear from me.  it's your persistent insistence
  on casting me as an abuser, yourself as a sorry, hapless victim, and your
  lies, misrepresentations, and outright abuse of this forum which has kept
  this going.  you have been asked to cease with the _actions_ that I have
  criticized, yet you have continued with a vengeance.  you could just have
  stopped when I asked you to.  you didn't.  you haven't.  I don't think
  you will, either, especially after trying to glorify yourself.  if you
  had just shut up long ago, none of this would have taken place.  when you
  realize that and your own important role, you will have learned quite a
  lot about how victims come to be and how they define their _own_ abusers.
  just stop playing the "victim" who feels morally obliged to spit at his
  "abusers", and you won't need any "correction", either.  stop blaming
  other people for your very personal problems in dealing with cricticism
  of your actions, and you won't see any abusers or yourself as a victim.

  I have already stated that nothing more needed to be said about you --
  you were not smart enough to realize that that was an offer you could
  grasp, and so you continued with your moronic blathering.  I'll _believe_
  that you have shut up when I have not seen any more such blathering from
  you.  in short: I'll cease "insulting" you by calling attention to the
  facts, calling you names you deserve to be called, and ridiculing your
  "screen name" when you no longer do anything that cries out for it.  it's
  your call.  understand that, please.  I'm not after _you_, and I never
  have been, but you have consistently been after me.  realize that.  now.
  I have asked you dozens of times to cease with a specific set of actions
  -- you haven't; instead you have attacked _me_, and you have been after
  _me_ with characterizations, abuse, lies, and false attributions.  _you_
  could cease with your actions and be free or any charges.  the lies and
  the malice that emanates from you is boundless and unconditionational.  I
  refuse to take part in such lop-sided ethics with a psychotic moron such
  as Joe Kraska, who on top of this sees himself as morally obliged to do
  just about anything to those he considers "bad".  you _have_ to take
  responsibility for this, and you _have_ to understand that this has been
  in consistent need of harsh correction.  you have equally consistently
  failed to understand that you do _anything_ wrong, even when you have
  been presented with hard evidence that your _excuse_ for going after me
  with your idiocy was a refusal to understand a fairly simple sentence.
  I can only imagine how much else you have failed to understand and will
  never understand because it proves too much about you.  I don't want to
  know, however, I just want you to shut up and go away.

  just cease with your despicable actions towards me, and you won't see any
  reactions to the actions you have ceased committing.  there's no need to
  ask for anything, there's no need to don a halo and pretend that you're
  being nice to anyone else.  just shut the fuck up with _your_ abuse.

  incidentally, you lost the right to be morally outraged at _anything_ I
  have done to you the second you proved that you have attributed malice to
  me from a refusal to understand what I wrote to you.  the malice you see
  is evidently produced in your own mind with very weak ties to reality.
  put a lid on it.  shut up.  don't lie and misrepresent others.  listen
  _more_ carefully when you're angry than when you're not.  don't attribute
  malice to others when you feel you need to demonize _your_ victims.
  because when you do demonize, you prove that you are fighting against
  imagined characters, not real people, and it becomes necessary to point
  out what you're doing, because while you don't like to be called a moron
  for your systematic actions, you need to understand, deep down in your
  psyche, that you cannot at the same time react by accusing others of
  actions they have in fact never committed and expect to get away with it.

  be smart, now, and don't follow up to this.  just think.  then shut up.

  if you don't shut up now, which I expect you can't, remember that it is
  your very own choice to continue.  I'll keep reminding you, and what it
  means about you.

  incidentally, you _could_ just have shut up without writing any moronic
  "Dear Erik" message.  please realize that, too.