Subject: Re: the naggum-mine claims another victim
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/11/30
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* "Coby Beck" <>
| I'm sure he is the single largest force impeding a diverse and friendly
| newsgroup, but don't give him that much credit! (see below)

  Really?  I think Raffael Cavallaro is one instance of that force.  Not
  the least because he does _nothing_ but post his usual shit, and like
  most of the _very_ few other recurring idiots who never learn have
  made up their mind that they are not to blame for anything at all,
  especially not what they _continue_ to do.  They neither can nor will
  change their ways and insist on doing the same old idiotic stuff that
  got them flamed to begin with.  These are so few in number that they
  are insignificant in the grat picture, but they _do_ cause other worms
  to crawl out of the woodwork to join the latest "idiot support group",
  but what do you know?  They don't help eachother in any constructive
  way -- they just do _worse_ than I do: Their flames are self-defensive
  and completely pointless apart from their personal need to vent their
  spleen and feel better by attacking someone they don't like.  That is
  pure hostility, with nothing whatsoever that could "tame" the fuckers
  and cease their hostility or cause them to mature, except the physical
  pain that they would have met in real life if they were equally
  idiotic around _any_ actual people.  Mine is different -- it doesn't
  take more IQ than most dogs have to figure out precisely what I am
  castigating people for and how to avoid further castigation, which
  means that the refusal to get the point is intentional for anyone who
  doesn't _actually_ just bark and growl in response to everything they

| We all start out not knowing much and even "unimportant" people have a
| right to be treated with respect!

  People are treated with respect.  It is because I respect people that
  I do not respect their right to hold insanely idiotic opinions and
  _not_ be criticized very harshly for it.  If I did not respect people,
  but only laugh and snicker like Aaron has begun doing on his way to
  the insane asylym, I would not react to them at all, only put up their
  idiotic rants on a wall and try to find the funniest possible picture
  of them to ridicule them.  People who can't figure out the difference
  between themselves and what they have chosen to think or do or say,
  but feel personally disrespected because their chosen stupidity is not
  rewarded with the generosity they think they deserve for everything
  they do, are likely to cause serious damage to both themselves and
  others through their alarming carelessness and arrogance.  ... which
  is also what we see that they do as soon as they are criticized for it.

| But must it be so?  And is that right?

  The second worst thing we do to eachother is to be too lenient.  The
  worst we do is to accuse and prosecute eachother of what we have not
  actually done.  The two go hand in hand in the most despicable form of
  injustice there is: That which pardons those we like for any ill and
  accuse those we don't like of any ill we feel like.  People-oriented
  justice like that is the root cause of all evil.  (That is not to say
  that the first task of anyone who finds something disagreeable is to
  make sure he understands _why_ it is disagreeable to him and why he
  who commits the disagreeable does not seem to agree.)
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