Subject: Re: What Lisp needs to beat Java, etc.
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 01 Dec 2000 01:02:47 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Aaron K. Johnson
| You're on to something, Erik.

  Yes, I said the clown has learned to parrot.  Do _better_, will you?

| I fully expect you, however, to retaliate with another lousy and
| predictible round of delightful prose, rather than to even have an
| iota of self-awareness.

  What happens when what you expect doesn't come true?  Nothing?  Or are
  you at least baffled and confused?

| Has your philosophy worked for you, Erik?

  Of course it has.  But amazing as it may seem to you, some people do
  not have to be convicted and jailed before they figure out that it's a
  very good idea _not_ to threaten to burn down people's homes, say.
  Despite that you may never have experienced it in your entire life,
  some people _are_ able to predict reactions from others based on what
  they observe when it does not match their expectations, not on what
  they _want_ to believe about others, and they are _not_ so amazingly
  retarded that they have to _make_up_ some demonization of other people
  and keep some stupid fantasies about them that they try to pretend are
  real by repeating them over and over to yourself.

  What would you say if someone asked the same astonishingly moronic
  question to a doctor if he has never smoked and urges him to quit, to
  a judge (who has to be unpunished) who reprimands him for drinking and
  driving or speeding, to a security guard who forcibly won't let him
  into a building he _wants_ to enter, to an anti-drug activist who
  has never used any drugs himself, etc?  _You_ seem to be laboring
  under the impression that in order to see that stupidity is bad, you
  have to have _been_ so stupid somebody _had_ to punish you.  This is
  so stupid a way to look at things you _should_ be punished for it!

| Did someone come along and tell you that you had to be slapped silly,
| and you thought, "Wow, marvelous, thank you!".

  No, I figured out that I, too, _should_ get slapped _if_ I let my mind
  wither and die until it looked like yours.  I don't _do_ massively
  stupid things in the first place -- it is in fact _easily_ avoidable
  if you keep just a little bit on your toes.  Engage your brain, keep
  exercising it, and most things that look hard to your average joe get
  a lot easier in general.  (Except dealing with morons and watching
  most Hollywood movies and nearly all TV programs, and any advertising
  is just about completely insufferable, which means that some people
  will stop engaging their brain and not exercise it just to take part
  in what they think is "normal society" but which really isn't.)

  I made a mistake with you: You really _are_ an idiot, it's not just
  something you have chosen for lack of incentives to choose something
  better.  Real idiots who discover Common Lisp are far and few between,
  so I hold this assumption that if you _act_ like a fucking moron, it's
  because you have never had anyone help you do better.  People who hold
  as amazingly stupid ideas as you do and learn so slowly when presented
  with counter-information, generally _do_ learn pretty quickly that
  amazingly stupid ideas are _unacceptable_, but you have made the even
  more amazingly stupid move to _defend_ your stupidity through more and
  more of same, and you won't stop any time soon, either.  My guess is
  you'll keep posting more and more stupid articles even though I don't
  say a word back to you, you'll keep attacking me for a long time to
  come for things I don't do, you'll keep attributing opinions to me
  that I do not hold, and you'll keep building that insane fantasy about
  me that you have made a pretty good stab at already, just like the
  very few other _actual_ morons whose minds have been blown to bits by
  exposure to more than they could handle.  Considering the viciousness
  of your attacks on me, I don't regret your loss for a second, but I do
  hope you don't hurt anyone else before you go completely insane.

  Your actions here must be presumed to be the best you can do and the
  most conducive both to salvaging your pride and recovering from what
  you think is unfair treatment.  This incredibly pathetic situation is
  precisely what made me conclude that you actually _are_ so retarded
  that there's no point in trying to tell you anything that would not be
  much more profitably communicated to a dog.

  Solution to U.S. Presidential Election Crisis 2000:
    Let Texas secede from the Union and elect George W. Bush their
    very first President.  All parties, states would rejoice.