Subject: Re: the naggum-mine claims another victim
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 2000/12/01
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Marcus G. Daniels
| Where did this notion about creating and imposing rules come from?

  Since forever, in every single article you post whenever you feel it
  safe to crawl out of the woodwork to repeat your completely pointless
  moralism about others, when you clearly do not understand what you are
  saying and how it affects the forum.

  I must admit to have a problem with deeply religious and moralistic
  Americans.  I do not approve of bombing abortion clinics in the name
  of "pro-life" views, for instance, but in the minds of a lot of deeply
  religious moralistic Americans, it is perfectly acceptable to suspend
  _all_ notions of ethics and commit any level of atrocity in order to
  "safeguard" some miniscule "good".  An ethical framework that does not
  even _apply_ when under pressure is worthless, and the kinds of people
  who have moralistic qualms about something but who show the world that
  they are willing to suspend their ethics in _reacting_ to what they do
  not like, are more _destructive_ than any other evil.

  There is always a lot of hostility building up whenever some moron
  goes postal, but I have yet to find anyone who exudes more _evil_ than
  you, Marcus G. Daniels.  You do not want to be constructive in any way
  at all.  You post out of an unmistakable lack of good intentions.  It
  is all about destroying something bad you don't like, never building
  something good you would want to see.  _That_ is why comparing you to
  abortion-clinic-bombing _lunatics_ is entirely appropriate.  From what
  you have written in the past several years, you have consistently been
  pretending to hold the moral high ground, despite saying the opposite
  this time, always ready to _denounce_, never able to _contribute_.

  I think the presence of evil like you destroys the forum much more
  than the presence of violence if you want to view my actions as that.
  There are _very_ few _bad_ people here, but you and Raffael Cavellero
  are certainly competing for first place among them.  I keep holding
  out for the view that bad actions are the results of non-thinking that
  is the result of lack of incentives to snap out of the morose coziness
  that comes from never being sufficiently challenged to have to think.
  Some people commit bad actions with _intent_ to destroy only, and the
  more moralistic, the more destructive.  That's you, Marcus G. Daniels.

  You have of course considered in all relevant depth how healthy your
  own contributions are and what it takes to amortize the cost of your
  behavior (which has not included positive contributions for very long)
  on this newsgroup.  I'd prefer if you were honest about your pure and
  unadulterated destructiveness and come out and say what you really
  think and what you really want.  Here's my take on it: You do not
  _want_ anything at all, except to destroy something you do _not_ want.

  Solution to U.S. Presidential Election Crisis 2000:
    Let Texas secede from the Union and elect George W. Bush their
    very first President.  All parties, states would rejoice.