Subject: Re: the naggum-mine claims another victim
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: 12 Dec 2000 02:33:53 +0000
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Marcus G. Daniels
| I would be satisfied if you started saying, "no, that's wrong, and
| here's why .." instead of "you fucking moron why don't you kill
| yourself?   No, wait, first I want an apology from your mother for ever
| giving birth to that disgusting little imbecile."

  I already do what you want, you disrespectul little fuck.  Where do
  you get off posting so much insanely defamatory shit about me when I
  already do what you claim would satisfy you?  You're so dishonest it's
  libel, you goddamn piece of shit!  I always _start_ explaining to
  people what's wrong and usually why, too.  I don't need to start doing
  this as if I don't: I have done it all my life.  95% of the time,
  people accept and usually thank me for the response because it solves
  their problems, of course despite my being "utterly misguided and
  wrong" in _your_ broad and completely unfounded generalizations.  (How
  about you explaining why sometime, huh?)  Go check the _record_, you
  disrespecting dickhead!  To see that what you have been attacking _is_
  only your own deranged imagination makes me really angry.

  If you could try to snap out of your psychosis and actually try to
  _observe_ reality for a change, you should have no problem seeing that
  I do what you claim you would have been satisfied with.  God, I'm so
  fucking tired of psychotic morons like you who can't even see past
  their own deranged prejudices when they spend so much effort vilifying
  me and portraying me as this monster that really lives only in their
  own imagination.  You're no better than a _racist_, Marcus G. Daniels,
  the kind of morons who cannot wrap their tiny little brains around the
  fact that their images of the people they hate are _caused_ by their
  _disrespect_ for them.
| If someone persists in posting questionable or untrue statements, if
| you wish, persist in correcting them.  Just do it without the attacks.

  I already do that.  It's when I'm attacked that I don't hold back.
  You act and reason _exactly_ the same way, so shut the fuck up about
  it being wrong.  Now, go take your anti-psychotic drugs and snap back
  into reality, will you?  Find yourself a recent thread you think is my
  fault went bad, and actually expend the effort to _read_ it and pay
  attention to what actually goes on.  I suggest the Aaron K. Johnson
  thread, since it should still be on a nearby server and it started
  with a reply that from me that shouldn't have ignited anyone, but it
  _did_ ignite an emotionally disturbed moron.  Big deal.  Help get that
  kind of people out of the way instead of blaming me for their existence.
  I do _not_ cause the Raffael Cavallaros and Tom Bretons and I most
  certainly have not caused your psychosis, either.

  At worst, I provoke morons into identifying themselves, but take a
  real good look at that piece of shit fan of yours Israel Thomas.  Take
  a look at Tom Breton and Raffael Cavallaro.  What do they do towards
  me?  What do _you_ do towards me, Marcus G. Daniels?  Do you post some
  shit that is easily explained as "wrong"?  You don't exactly have a
  very good grip on explaining why yourself, either, do you?  "Utterly
  misguided and wrong" without evidence, as a sweeping generalization.
  How fucking impressive _that_ is for one dishing out advice on what he
  would be satisfied with from others.

  God _damn_ you, Marcus G. Daniels!  You've been spinning your own yarn
  for so many years and making up a monster in your imagination that you
  should really go see a good psychiatrist to help you get rid of.  For
  once I really mean that as a _personal_ advice to a person that I do
  think has become criminally insane, it's not just a stupid act you
  could change of your own will, any longer.  Get professional help!

  And self-centered?  You're fucking _obsessed_ with your fantasy of me!
  You're the one centered around me.  Do you think I _like_ the retarded
  discussions about me from psychotics like you, Tom Breton and Raffael
  Cavallaro?  Do you think _I_ invite you sick fucks to talk about me
  for weeks when you get your ire up?  _You_ turn this newsgroup into a
  flame-fest against me.  And what could I _possibly_ do to mollify your
  rage when you are so blinded by your hatred and disrespect that you
  don't even _see_ what would have quieted you down and satisfied you?

  What the hell does what you do have to do with anything that could
  possibly be countered with "no, that's wrong and here's why?"  It is
  not possible to acquiesce you, because _you_ are the destroyer of this
  forum.  You try to make it my fault, but I already do what you want.
  _You_ help people feel justified in attacking me.  _You_ condone the
  lynch mobs, the ganging up on me.  _You_ fuel the hostility towards
  me.  What does that make you, Marcus G. Daniels?  Criminally insane!


  I suggest you talk to Barry Margolin about what it took him to snap
  out of his imaginary world and start to see what was really going on.
  He was also posting unfounded shit about me for a _long_ time before
  he realized that reality was a _little_ more complex than he wanted it
  to be and kept trying to make it by posting vilifying crap about me.

  What I actually do _ought_ to have been enough to go on, but such
  psychotic fucks as you and Tom Breton and Raffael Cavallaro don't stop
  at reality because it just isn't bad enough to justify what you do.

  I've fucking _had_ it with you, Marcus G. Daniels.  Stop pouring your
  purified bile into this forum and start saying something that doesn't
  reek of your particularly stinking brand of abject disrespect so
  intense that you can't even see anything but your own prejudice.

  "When you are having a bad day and it seems like everybody is trying
   to piss you off, remember that it takes 42 muscles to produce a
   frown, but only 4 muscles to work the trigger of a good sniper rifle."
								-- Unknown