Subject: Re: Common Lisp, the one true religion!
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 03:01:32 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Carl Gay <>
> Actually I don't, but even if I did "break the RFCs" the idea that
> everyone must read the RFCs before posting to newsgroups is ludicrous
> anyway...

  Whoever raised this idea before you now try to refute it?  Such strawman
  arguments are pretty solid signs of a dishonest or combative personality.

> Personally, I don't think many people who post to this newsgroup are
> interested in being cooperative or even non-confrontational.

  This attitude of yours has certainly shaped your own behavior and you
  seem to get precisely what you want, like every other moron who comes
  here with a combative personality disorder where the primary concern is
  to express objection to any real or perceived authority, from RFCs via
  tacitly accepted conventions to people who know what they are talking
  about.  Why are you not happy getting what you seem to want?  Perhaps
  _you_ are mistaken about other people and _you_ cause them to behave
  towards you in ways that _you_ invite them to, but would not if you had
  been showing at least _some_ signs of being a reasonably good person?

  Now, chances are very good that you will not be able to see through your
  own attitude problem, but will instead consider this message proof of
  everything you believe.  You have posted some highly annoying and false
  claims about other people and you get a hostile response, which you
  _deserve_, but you take it as evidence of your initial assumption.  Now,
  if your goal is to find out if other people are violent, is the best way
  to do that to provoke them by stabbing them in the eye in the interest of
  "behavioral science research" or to deal with people on non-violent terms
  first?  It is actually your choice, and let me just remind you that _I_
  dealt with your "fuck the news conventions" attitude by asking you to
  please break your lines, and your response was "You're so combative.  I
  think you may have "issues"."  I think we now know who has "issues" and
  what they are: An irrational rejection of _any_ authority.  The question
  is: Can you discard your issues and just talk about what you think is
  worth your while talking about instead of being a combative jerk?  Or
  will you now respond childishly with rejection of the perceived authority
  who tells you to behave?  Again, it is actually your very own choice, but
  I am of course making it harder for you to do the right thing, because it
  would not be showing any character on your part to behave well if _you_
  were treated nicely first.  However, considering your behavior towards
  me, I would like to see if you can behave yourself or will remain a
  combative jerk towards anyone who tells you to can it.