Subject: Re: moderation (was Re: Nagging Naggum)
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 10:19:33 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Erann Gat
| I don't know.  Why don't you tell us?  You do it all the time.

  So the personal attack comes out in the open, but I guess that it is a
  good thing, because I do not, Erann.  Just because you think so, does not
  make it so, but you will probably never grasp this distiction if you have
  not until now.  When you have this bizarre need to make me much worse
  than I could ever be, I conclude that what I actually do is insufficient
  for any substantial criticism, you have just made up your mind that I am
  the Devil or something, and then you draw your bizarre conclusions from
  that instead of from observable reality.  Using exaggerations like that
  means that you are out of control and need an imaginary monster to attack
  in order to defend your reactions to yourself.  Demonization is well
  known to happen to people who completely fail to cope with something they
  do not like.  It would appear that you are _frightened_ of me.  This is
  simply not healthy.

| No, that is not why I am a theory C person, but since you have
| demonstrated an astonishing inability to consider the possibility that
| you could be wrong about something I'm not going to waste the effort to
| try and explain this to you.

  No, I have demonstrated an astonishing inability to consider the
  possibility that something that you believe, which _is_ wrong, is right,
  and therefore you confuse the two.  The problem is, again, that you judge
  people as you see yourself.  This conflict would never happen if _you_
  could consider that what you believe is wrong, but Erann is so right that
  facts shall be subordinated to his will.  We have had this discussion,
  Erann, and I have made it very, very clear that I work hard to acquire
  information that can update or alter or contradict my views, and also
  present information to others in the same spirit, and the fact that I
  change my mind about _something_ or other very frequently, should be very
  clear evidence against your deluded attacks on me, and they get more and
  more deluded as time goes on, to the point where they are so far from the
  truth I fully expect _everybody_ to see how fantastically silly they are.

  When was the last time you were even _right_ about anything you say about
  me?  How have you responded to contradictions to your beliefs?  Just have
  just been ever more aggressive in maintaining what you believe.  I find
  that to be very clear evidence of a serious lack of mental stability.

| You really should get over this idea that anyone who expresses an opinion
| that is contrary to your worldview is attacking you.

  I have never had that idea, Erann, and you know it, too.  But what I said
  did predict _exactly_ what you started your article with: an attack based
  on your misguided assumption that I or anyone else attack people who are
  constructive, so why are you doing that if I am wrong?  When you behave
  exactly as I have predicted _and_ told you, one must wonder what is wrong
  with you who cannot see it and at least control your behavior long enough
  to _appear_ to be of a sound mind.  You are in _fact_ attacking me, Erann
  Gat.  Can you get this through your deluded mind, please?  You are not
  "expressing an opinion contrary to my worldview" when you are telling
  insane lies about me to support your own need for your demonization to be
  true, you are quite simply attacking me.  No excuses like difference of
  opinion can hide this fact, Erann.  Please mature a bit and understand
  this, will you?

| Despite the fact the people occasionally get fed up with you and vent
| their frustrations on this newsgroup, the world is not nearly as obsessed
| with you as you like to imagine that it is.

  Where do you _get_ all this insanity, Erann?  I thought you had talked to
  people and gotten over your problems, already.  Apparently not.  Chill!
  And, despite your delusions of grandeur, Erann, _your_ obvious obsession
  with me does not make you "the world".  A few people, such as yourself,
  have nothing better to do than attack me, and this is actually the very
  definition of obsession.  It is all you do around here, these days, since
  you no longer actually use Common Lisp for anything.  I guess that, too,
  is my fault, so now you need to take it out on me, again, or you would
  simply have been able to remain a theory C person and be polite _and_
  constructive at the same time.  But no, let's just _chuck_ theory C and
  attack me, again.  That is Erann Gat for you.

| The last time we exchanged messages you said you were giving up on me.
| If you could be right about anything, please make it that.

  Geez, you really are nuts.  You need serious amounts of counseling,
  Erann.  This is not the place to help you get over your problems.

  I thought you wanted to make the impression that you were a theory C guy.
  Should you not be both polite and constructive, then  Why are you such an
  insane little fuck who writes so much idiotic drivel about me when you
  think this is _wrong_ of you to do?  Do I control your behavior, too?
  Are you, too, blaming me for your coping problems, Erann?  Please see a
  therapist, Erann.  You obviously have some _serious_ issues to work out.