Subject: Re: Unwelcome mail from the stalkers
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 12:37:19 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Jean-François Brouillet <>
| "Can't call it quit" <> wrote:

  *snicker*  Are you _sure_ your computer display is not a mirror?

| So risking to get even more bored (that's already done, Oh Hole In The
| Skull) than humiliated (what you write would need to be of value, it is
| only a nuisance) I'll assign myself the duty to answer the unique monkey,
| among the 2^128, that hit on the possibility of producing utterable
| sentences, but failed to pick the few that would mean anything.

  Amusing.  Psychotic ranting.  What more direct evidence of your very
  serious personality disorders can we expect, now?  Get help, OK?  That
  was the first thing I said to your amazing behavior, and you have gone on
  to prove that you have very serious personality disorders and _need_ help.

| - you turned down an offer for peace
| - you did so in a most offensive way

  An offer for _peace_?  An offer for a face-saving measure that would
  allow the psychopath to feel better about himself while insulting his
  victim once more is maybe an "offer" to ask people to give _you_ peace of
  mind, but you do not quite understand that you have done something bad
  and wrong here, have you?  Conditional apologies are _not_ offers for
  peace, it is instead very clear evidence that you are going to attack
  people forever, no matter what they do in return, so being nice to you is
  not an option.  In fact, being nice to something so vile as Jean-François
  Brouillet means that he is treated _unjustly_.  Destructive assholes like
  Jean-François Brouillet should be crushed, destroyed, humiliated until
  they cry themselves to sleep.  There is a way out for the psychopath,
  however: Just be polite and courteous, and apologize for your behavior.
  If you really _want_ politeness and courtesy, just start.  If you think
  this is humiliating, which of course it would be only if you do not
  _really_ want politeness and courtesy, just grin and bear it.

  You see, I am doing more than you apparently can understand here.  I have
  trashed and humiliated you in response to what you consider good behavior
  _specifically_ to see if you respond rationally and turn into a polite
  and courteous contributor, because that is how you have approached me,
  remember?  Did this cause you to get a clue and start to behave well?
  No, quite the contrary.  So, if not even your _tactics_ work on yourself,
  there is no reason at all to believe you have a constructive purpose at
  all.  Psychopaths want personal _power_, they do not want what they say
  they want -- it is just a means to control other people.  They do not
  respond to what they think is good and useful tactics when they employ
  them against others.  This sheer lack of constructiveness and empathy is
  what defines the psychopath's behavioral pattern.

  Remember, nobody invited you here, nobody asked you to attack me, nobody
  forces you to keep posting, and nobody else shrieks their requests for
  politeness and courtesy right now, but _you_ do not _deliver_.  You keep
  attacking, so your "peace offers" are nothing if not completely vacuous.

| In this world we have to bear with the Naggum and his likes, unless...
| unless... enlightenment were to hit him, in which case:
|                Stop the ridicule, Naggum: go die.

  *snicker*  Are you _sure_ your computer display is not a mirror?

  What kind of fights would we have had here if it were not for your kind
  and your attacks?  I am defending myself from _your_ attacks, remember?
  You opened fire, you attacked, and you did so without provocation, and
  you _refuse_ to quit.  _You_ get to quit, Jean-François Brouillet, not
  me.  You blame me for your insanity and psychopathy, and you seem to
  _believe_ that you are not the problem, but you _are_ the problem, and
  you represent a kind of people who _completely_ lack politeness and
  courtesy.  Nothing you do will ever change that.  Nothing I do will ever
  change that.  I am sick and tired of scumbags like you, and I told you
  that you were not going to recover from this.  Why are you so eager to
  demonstrate that you will continue to attack forever?  You can just quit
  and be polite and courteous like you demand from others, apologize in a
  credible manner, and that will be the end of it.  This would be easy for
  you to do, according to yourself.  WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO DO IT???

  So, when will enlightenment hit you, Jean-François Brouillet?  When will
  you _understand_ that you came out of nowhere to attack me and that you
  will be driven away if you do not quit, the more humiliated the more you
  resist and persist?  Psychos like you have come to comp.lang.lisp time
  and again.  You are the problem here.  People who cannot accept that they
  have done something wrong, will continue to make a hell of a ruckus when
  they are criticized.  Those who are so amazingly lacking in both
  intelligence and coping strategies as you are, will come out of nowhere
  to attack me once again.  Nothing has changed.  Nothing will change.  As
  long as people do something wrong, and you are one of them, some people
  will speak their mind on it, politely at first (which you did _not_ do),
  and then hostilely when the schmuck who cannot tolerate being corrected
  goes postal and attacks the messenger.

  This world will always suffer bad guys like Jean-François Brouillet, we
  cannot rid ourselves of psychopaths and other people who use violence
  when they feel helpless and powerless, and there is absolutely nothing we
  can do about these amoral scumbags, but it is vitally important that not
  a single soul do as they say.  Politeness and courtesy is a weapon among
  these people because if other people are required to be nice, _they_ can
  be much worse and can attack people if they are not polite and courteous
  to their attackers.  But like terrorists who see that their tactics work
  by letting normal people be beat into submission, one must _not_ bow to
  psychopaths like Jean-François Brouillet.

  And before anyone thinks that Jean-François Brouillet is unique or that I
  am the only one that psychopaths attack, there are psychopaths everywhere
  on USENET who fight against all _kinds_ of normal rules.  Take a look at
  news.groups to watch some _real_ nutjobs rebel against the rules for
  creating new newsgroups, crying conspiracy and whatnot if their choice of
  newsgroups do not get created.  If you have charter for a newsgroup,
  watch some real psychos fight everybody who try to keep discussion within
  the boundaries of the charter.  If you have a moderator, watch people
  attack the moderator just for _being_ the moderator.  There are immature,
  insane people who want to be the judges of absolutely everything.  For
  instance, there is no doubt at all how followup messages on USENET shall
  be identified with "Re: " as a prefix in the Subject header field, but
  Microsoft, of course, has believed that "re" is an abbreviation for
  "reply", since their ignorance and illiteracy when it comes to reading
  specifications is insurmountable, so they helpfully "translate" this when
  they produce Outlook Express in various languages (which should be an
  important lesson to people who want things "localized"), but when someone
  politely requests that an Outlook Express user fix this, some nutjobs
  will fight tooth and nail to admit no fault, and the psychopaths come in
  to attack those who simply want _software_ be behave for no better reason
  that _they_ are not the judge of correct behavior.  USENET is the only
  place you can find people who fight against common sense with a vengeance.

  Finally, it is _never_ politeness and courtesy these lunatics want.  (If
  it were, they would simply prove the superiority of being polite and
  courteous.)  They want _other_ people to be polite and courteous because
  _they_ do not want to feel humiliated or threatened, but who can tell
  what makes a deranged lunatic feel humiliated or threatened by just and
  proper criticism, especially by proxy as the worst of these outcasts do?
  These people react extremely hostilely to any feeling that somebody else
  tells them what to do and are unable to cope with the helplessness and
  powerlessness they feel after being told what to do, but this is not
  anybody else can fix for them.

  Jean-François Brouillet, please start to behave politely and courteously.
  An excellent start is to offer your apology to me and to this newsgroups
  in good spirit, and promise _never_ to repeat your vile actions here.  No
  matter how much abuse of _your_ rules you see here, _you_ will at least
  always be polite and courteous.  It should be very easy for you to comply.