Subject: Re: Why Educating Naggum or Silencing Him Down Matters
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 13:02:44 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Jean-François Brouillet <>
| But first, for who does it matter:
| - for me.

  Good, you are finally beginning to be afraid of me.  You have seen
  nothing yet.  Far better people than you have chosen to attack me like
  you have, and they have wept themselves to sleep and left the newsgroup.
  This will happen to you, too.  You will be destroyed, unless _you_ start
  to behave the way you demand of others.  It is really quite simple: You
  behave, nobody needs to react to you.  I will, of course, remember you,
  and may rip you throat out if you ever get close enough, but if you do
  not do anything, nobody needs to react to you.  Do you understand?

| - for Lisp

  If you and your ilk walk away, there is no need to respond to psychopaths
  who want control over other people's behavior.

| - for comp.lang.lisp

  Anyone who takes a look at comp.lang.lisp while you have been here, will
  have seen a _large_ number of articles that also flat out contradicts
  your psychotic "impression" of what goes on here.

| So, if you agree with any of the above remarks, please help.

  What would really help is if people would THINK BEFORE THEY POST, and
  that includes such insane freaks like yourself.

| I alone, while determined to answer each and every of Naggum's farts,
| won't be enough to silence him down.

  Precisely, you will _not_ win this.  I am glad that you have finally
  figured this out.  You _will_ go down in eternal shame unless _you_ start
  to behave politely and courteously.  It really is this simple.

  Here is how you can _actually_ make me behave better: Be polite and
  courteous for the rest of your life, and start by apologizing to me and
  to the newsgroup for your behavior.  I think by now you need to beg for
  forgiveness for your evil deeds and promise never to say a harsh word to
  anyone, _ever_.  The next time you blame anyone else for your personality
  disorders, you agree to seek help from psychiatrists and have yourself
  committed to a mental institution.  The solution is quite simple: Behave.

  Learn to take responsibility for your actions, Jean-François Brouillet.