Subject: Re: Why is Scheme not a Lisp?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 09:36:51 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Thomas Bushnell, BSG
| Implicate them?  No, I want to implicate *you* in libel, that's all.

  Well, that seems to imply that it is _not_ libel to call you an evil and
  non-thinking idiot here because I have grounds for that, including your
  own effort to prove that you are clinically insane.  "Libel" is not
  dependent on medium, however, you illteraite moron. so if you had a case,
  you would already have made it.  You do not have a case, and you know it,
  so you are grasping for straws, but you are just too goddamn stupid to
  figure out that _you_ have figured out.

  I appreciate your admission of guilt by publishing the need to trasnport
  this to an "innocent" forum in order to become the "victim" you are not,
  but think you are.  Instead you prove that I am in my _right_ to label
  you a moron.  You are just so ridiculously _childish_.

| I'm not suffering--like I told you before, I'm enjoying it.

  So you _enjoy_ taunting and hurting people?  Just how quickly do you want
  to go to Hell?  Do you not hear the Pearly Gates clam shut when you post?

  People who _enjoy_ hurting others on purpose are sociopaths.  I merely
  enjoy that you progress ever faster towards self-destruction -- and I do
  not have do anything at all.  _You_ are doing all the attacking, now.
  That is something I take some pride in, actually.  You are self-propelled
  in your evil, just like every other evil bastard who has visited us.
  Such destructiveness is seriously pathological.

| Which is the thing that *really* got you pissed.

  You wish.  No, I kind of regard your hypocrisy with curiosity.  I wonder
  what Thomas Busnhell imploding in his own evil will sound like.  I would
  _really_ like to be there when you have a flash of insight into your own

| Huh?  Of course I didn't say that...I said that if you want to blather
| about my inability to think and my defective moral character, you should
| do it in print, where you can be held fiscally liable for your slanders.

  I marvel at the magnitude your insanity.  You obviously do not regard
  this forum as sufficiently important to take seriously, which is _why_
  you keep attacking me, too.  Your lack of ability to accept responsiblity
  for your own actions has produced all this evil.  When you eventually
  grasp that you _were_ responsible for all you have done, it should be
  quite a spectacle.

  However, if you would please take this forum seriously and stop using it
  to vent your hatred for people who have figured you out, that would
  really be highly appreciated.  Not that you can do this, of course.  You
  have gone too far on the evil path to turn back without a _momentous_
  backlash at your own personality.  This is what I appreciate about seeing
  morons self-destruct.

| Actually, one person sent me email and said you didn't really mean what
| you say when you call people idiots, morons and the like.

  I speak about their behavior.  Some people figure out that they are able
  to change their behavior and thus change the outcome of the criticism.
  You are not smart enough to figure out.  Or just too evil to figure out
  that criticism is directed at specific actions, so _you_ believe it is
  personal and react in what _you_ think is "in kind", but you really are
  responsible for your own evil.  There is nobody to blame, and some day
  you will understand this.  Please note: I do not forgive people like you,
  I do not accept apologies from your kind.  You _are_ bad to the core,
  Thomas Bushnell, and you keep proving it,

| He also said you were always right--*always*--on this newsgroup.

  That you something is merely a counter-indication.

| Other than that one fan of yours, several people have sent me email
| saying they appreciated what I said.

  Of course they do!  People like you always work in gangs.  But if you
  think you can be forgiven for what you have done, please think again.

| Not that this proves anything, but I do wonder (and lament for) the
| pleasant Erik Naggum that used to be around.

  WHy do you then keep your hostilities going?  Just behave well, and I
  have no need to respond to _your_ attacks.  But this just tells me that
  you are out of control -- your evil has taken control over you.  _You_
  would be seriously hurt if you were nice to me, which is why you have to
  keep this going.  All those _cheering_ friends of yours would turn on you
  if you did not continue attacking me.  In fact, the more you continue,
  the harder it is for you to stop.  It is the opposite with me.  I have no
  reason to attack you _apart from_ your actions.  No actions, no response.
  You, onthe other hand, are on a mission from God to hurt me.  That is the
  crucial difference between us.  My signature _should_ have told you
  something.  Yet it does not.  You must be _phenomenally_ stupid.

| Maybe he'll come back, though a look through for your
| name shows that he has been gone for a long time.

  You google to find out about me?  How long do you think it will take any
  other person to find _your_ articles?  Who _cares_ what you can come up
  with in the "he made me do it" category of excuses when they read what
  you have written?  I actually look forward to the day when you get hurt
  by what you have done, and figure that you wearing a fucking _halo_ does
  not make you less evil.

  But don't you have some repenting to do?  Someone told me that you were a
  monk or apprentice or something in some Christian religious order, and
  that this "BCG" thing is a mark of your moral elevation in your order or
  whatever.  Perhaps those who think you are a good person need to have
  _their_ views revised before the advisors at the kindergarten graduate
  program?  Do the people you "help" in that food bank know that you
  _enjoy_ hurting people?  Do you hide your hoof and the pointy tail?

  In a fight against something, the fight has value, victory has none.
  In a fight for something, the fight is a loss, victory merely relief.