Subject: Re: is lisp a general purpose lang?
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 10:21:46 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Thomas Bushnell, BSG
| Ah, so you want to call me an idiot, intellectually dishonest, unable to
| think, and an evil person, and when you do this, it's not attacking, and
| it's not something you're willing to say in a forum where you could be
| held accountable for it.

  You have made it abundantly clear that these are statements of fact.  As
  such, they are not libelous in any form.

  The _only_ reason that I supposedly cannot be held accountable for what I
  write here is that you would be held accountable for what you write here,
  too, and that would just kill you.  I enjoy this implicit admission of
  guilt from you.  But my god, you are _so_ stupid and childish.

| Merely that if I'm the horrible person you think I am--if that's more
| than rhetorical bullying--then you would have the courage to say it in
| some context where you'd have to account for it with your wallet.

  But what concern is it to people who do not actually have to deal with
  you that you are a horribly evil person?  They figure out soon enough,
  just as we have here.

  You see, this whole thing is tied directly to a personality disorder on
  your end.  You are actually _unable_ to deal with people other than in a
  personal manner.  The sheer lack of professionalism is a red flag to
  anyone who would ever consider employing you.  You have argued in favor
  of disloyality to your superiors previously, and that was what told me
  that you were a bad person.  I would never hire someone who has spent a
  huge amount of time attacking someone and not relenting, but just gets
  worse over time, like you do.  You do that, but you are too blind to your
  own evil that you do not even recognize your own behavior.  I mean you
  actually had the gall to post this:

Do I engage in massive flame wars everywhere I go?  Nope.

  Your inability to accept responsibility for your own actions speaks
  volumes about your personality.  Clearly, you hide behind the falsehood
  that you are not held accountable for what you write here, but you are.
  You will discover in time.  Would that I could be there when it happens.

| I want you to make your statements in print, in a way that is clearly
| legally actionable, that's all.

  Again, the _only_ reason you do not pursue this from the USENET angle is
  that you know that you would lose, big time if you even tried it.  I
  think you have gone whining and wimpering to a lawyer and this lawyer
  asked to try to provke me to do something that was pursuable, but you are
  such a fucking moron that you did not understand that I am in the clear
  as it is.  Your idiotic attempts to move this to a different forum is so
  goddamn retarded and so insufferably _lame_ that anything I say about you
  would be provable in court.  Your lawyer should have told you that what
  _you_ keep doing has made it possible for me to say just about anything
  about you, yet you continue, you escalate the animosity and you do not
  think clearly.  This is quite fascinating.  You are _clearly_ insane.

| I chose them, because that's an easier lawsuit to prosecute, and it
| wouldn't cost you more than a stamp to send the letter.

  Well, just tell me the name and the address of the people you want me to
  write to, and I shall consider it.  But you would not post their names
  and addresses because you have somehow figured out that you would be the
  perpetrator if you did.  I marvel at the magnitude of your insanity.  I
  also marvel at the ability of whichever lawyer you talked to who could
  actually get you into believing that such a move would not backfire.  You
  are such a retarded bastard, Thomas Bushnell, it is _tragic_ to watch.

| An ad in a US newspaper would do as well.  

  Unlike you, I am concerned with your behavior _here_.  You, and this S
  Campion/Adam Tissa/Israel Ray Thomas character, take out ads all the time
  to denounce me as a person, but I respond only to your actions.  You will
  in all likelihood never figure out the difference.  This is what makes
  you evil.  This is what makes it impossible for you to even sue for libel
  based on the interaction in this forum.  You are so _stupid_!

| Ah, again, that's legally actionable, but slander is miserably difficult
| to prosecute, which is why I wonder if you have the courage to repeat
| what you say in a forum where it would clearly fall under the libel
| statutes.

  This forum clearly falls under the libel statutes, already.  However, an
  independent scrutiny of what you have said here gives me the _right_ to
  express the opinions of your character that I have expressed.  You know
  this, you miserable chickenshit, which is why you have to try to pretend
  that I am after hurting you.  I am not.  You will never figure this out,
  either, because you are the kind of person who are after people.  This is
  why I have said that you need to stop projection yourself onto me, which
  you seem unable to do, so it must be outside your sphere of control.

  You need _serious_ professional help, Thomas Bushnell, BCG.  Seek help
  before it is too late.  People like you make such a mess when they figure
  out what they are made of.

  In a fight against something, the fight has value, victory has none.
  In a fight for something, the fight is a loss, victory merely relief.