Subject: Re: Thomas Bushnell
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 02:16:01 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Thomas Bushnell, BSG
| Erik doesn't have the courage to put his attacks in a forum where he might
| have to defend them--as is well known.

  Then provide the names of the people you want me to inform or your behavior.
  You have never owned up to this simple request, yet you think cowardice is a
  property of other people.  I find this amazing.

  That you have found out that you have absolutely no recourse in this forum is
  just great -- but it also means that you _can_ behave the way you do, which
  is a much less fortunate effect of your discovery.

| When I suggested he might send his insults to my academic advisors, his
| cowardice took over.

  I ask for the names of the people to whom I should send it.  There is no such
  thing as "Thomas Bushnell's advisors, Random University, USA".  I need the
  full name of your advisors and their addresses.  Posted here, for all to see.
  How hard can this be?  If you want to drag your advisors into this, _you_ get
  to name them.  Otherwise, they have absolutely nothing to do with what you do
  here.  Of course, you have probably talked to a lawyer, too, and know that if
  you do this, you have absolutely no recourse whatsoever _and_ would get into
  serious trouble, which means that you do your fantastically insane stunt only
  to embarrass yourself.  Which is what I find so odd.  You must know how dumb
  you look, yet think you win brownie points or something doing so.  Why?  Who
  are the people who call you up and ask you to repeat this stunt?  Are you
  sure they are your friends?  Maybe they are my friends?

| It is fun to watch him do his little dance though.

  I _really_ think you would do better if you got a hamster with a little,
  colored wheel so you can have some real amusement in your life.  USENET
  cannot be good for you.
  Guide to non-spammers: If you want to send me a business proposal, please be
  specific and do not put "business proposal" in the Subject header.  If it is
  urgent, do not use the word "urgent".  If you need an immediate answer, give
  me a reason, do not shout "for your immediate attention".  Thank you.