Subject: Re: PART TWO: winning industrial-use of lisp:  Re: Norvig's latest paper on Lisp
From: Erik Naggum <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 02:42:49 GMT
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>

* Erik Naggum
> One word: Vacuum.

* William Hodges
| Intracrania?

  Now that you have introduced yourself, would you mind telling us what,
  precisely, you think are doing here?  Are you the kind of person who enjoy
  ganging up on people you think are disliked by some majority?  Are you the
  kind of person who think it is fun to tease people you do not like?  Are you
  a kind of Thomas Bushnell light?  Will you turn into psychopath in about
  three months after you have gone into a psychotic state of mind where all
  that matters is how you feel about me?

  Your contributions to this forum are restricted to stupid harrassment of me.
  Are you sure this is how you want to be remembered?  Is this what William
  Hodges as a person is really about?  Will your future employers find that you
  have done a brilliant job of presenting yourself in public given this great
  display of intellect and high moral standards?

  Why _do_ you crawl out of the woodwork to attack me?  I have never said or
  done anything to _you_, about _you_, or in any way even remotely related to
  _you_, have I?  I do not know you at all, apart from your harrassment.  What
  kind of person _are_ you?

  Thomas Bushnell is the kind of psychopath who really, deeply and personally
  _enjoys_ hurting people.  You applaud this in your own, lamebrained way.  Did
  you know he is gay and want some action by sucking up to him that way?  I
  have to wonder, and I shall keep an open mind about you, but I must say, you
  have done an excellent job of repelling any fair-minded, intelligent person.
  People like you are well remembered.  I know employers who have called me up
  on the phone and told me that they have found a disturbingly high correlation
  between employees they have had to fire because they ahave been incompetent
  and their tendency to get into fights with me on USENET.  So far, I have been
  used as a negative reference for six people -- people have _not_ got a job
  because they have chosen to fight with me on USENET.  How good is _your_ job
  security?  Do you think you are able to hurt me more than I can hurt you?
  Several people have bet a lot of their personal prestige on that and they
  have lost.  I have hung around on USENET since 1987.  I am used to cretins
  like you.  I _know_ I can survive slaughtering you.  I know I have nothing at
  all to risk in ripping you apart.  Nothing I can do to you will be _worse_
  than what some people will already argue that I have done.  What do _you_
  have to lose if you me engage and fail to win?

  Thomas Bushnell had already lost serious fights and is widely considered to
  be impossible to work with _before_ he started to fight me.  Were you aware
  of that?  How much of your future are you going to risk on the inane drivel
  you have posted so far?  Just how much money are you prepared to pay for your
  abilty to harrass me?

  Go back to the nowhere you came from, William Hodges, before you hurt
  yourself, or I _will_ help you.  Do you understand what you have started?

  Here's a puzzle for you: If I am as evil and ruthless and destructive as some
  people here think I am, why did _you_ choose to pick on me?  Do you think you
  are safe behind that computer display of yours?  Do you think I cannot make
  you feel really, really bad?  Look at Thomas Bushnell.  Do you think his
  display is the result of strong and healthy psyche?  Or do you think it is
  _fear_ that drives him?  How can it be that people can be driven to such
  behavior as you can readily find in the archives just by posting messages to
  a public forum?  Have you thought about this?

  What, precisely, have you prepared yourself to experience when you choose to
  attack me, of all people?  And what can I do to change your mind apart from
  inflicting such pain on you that you will turn as mad as so many others who
  choose to attack me?  Go through the archives and find people who have come
  out of nowhere to attack me.  Look what they managed to say before they
  vanished.  Look at their articles and try to imagine their state of mind.  Do
  you think it feels good?  Do you think it is mindless fun?  Do you think
  Thomas Bushnell is such a lowlife that he has no other forms of amusement in
  his life that he has to tease me?  No, of course not.  His is an obsession
  with me, just as other a few other people have an obsession with me.  For
  days, perhaps weeks on end, all they think about, nearly all they _do_ is to
  post insane ranting and raving against my person.  Where are they now?  Do
  you want to go where they went?  Is that why you crawl out of your woodwork
  to attack me and harrass me?  There are people here who are on psychiatric
  medication because of what they got themselves into by attacking me.  If you
  think me mad or insane, do you think I would care if you died in pain from
  what I could do to you?  If you think that _I_ am the bad guy here, do you
  think I would _not_ find out as much as possible about you in order to hurt
  you as much as possible?  Remember, _you_ chose to attack and harrass me.  It
  was your choice to open fire, from nowhere, for no reason whatsoever.  I see
  it as my _right_ to bring people like you down.  You will not be the first.
  You will not be the last.  Would you _really_ like to be the next?

  THINK, William Hodges.  This forum is _not_ for your kind of people.  Leave.
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