Subject: Re: ILC2005: McCarthy denounces Common Lisp, "Lisp", XML, and Rahul
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 22:46:47 -0500
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
Christopher C. Stacy <> wrote:
| See these places: 
| (You could also run TOPS-20 on the same emulator.
| MACLISP was ported to TOPS-20.
| I don't know what pre-packaged TOPS-20 systems
| have MACLISP on them, though.)

Also look in the archives of "alt.sys.pdp10". There is a quite active
PDP-10 hobbyist(?) community, and several very good PDP-10 emulators
now, which will boot & run TOPS-10 7.04 [I think] and some version of
TOPS-20, and ITS as well [I think]. There are emulators for (at least)
the KA-10 [I think], KL-10B, and KS-10:
    [Pretty pictures and lots more linkies...]
    * The KLH10 Distribution:  klh10-2.0a.tgz
    * The KLH10 Auxiliary Distribution: klh10-2.0a-aux.tgz
    * Starter KL TOPS-10 7.04 filesystem (TWONKY): twonky-a11120.tar
    * Starter ITS filesystem (PI-ITS): pi-its-a11110.tar
    PDP-10 software archive
    [Includes some TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 software distribution tapes
    and layered products under the DEC "36-bit hobbyist license".]
    TS10 now is multi-system emulator system that includes three
    working emulators: PDP-10 (KS10 and KL10), PDP-11 (KDF11 and
    KDJ11), and VAX (MicroVAX II and VAXserver 3900).
    * TS10 from Timothy Stark (updated 1-May-2001)
    * SIMH [Bob Supnik]
    * E10
    * dzclient
      Daniel Seagraves added a DZ11 module for Tim Stark's TS10 emulator
      that allows multiple users to telnet into the virtual PDP-10.
    Bootable ITS filesystem for KLH-10 PDP-10 emulator


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