Subject: Re: Considering Lisp for project but not sure if it fits
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 22:57:18 -0500
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
jonathon <> wrote:
| > few attempts fail. I then took a broad shallow approach and started
| > using the language for small to medium projects. I then found it
| What's a good example of small to medium projects that are suited to
| Lisp?  I don't think it would be wise to jump right into GUI apps, but
| at the same time, are there practical console apps that would be good
| to start with?

I had used Scheme for some years before switching to Common
Lisp, but my first major app in Common Lisp was was a web-based
front-end to a "contact information" database for a non-profit.
I used Apache + CMUCL + PostgreSQL. In CMUCL, I used Tim Bradshaw's
HTOUT to generate the HTML [though CL-WHO or maybe others
(see <>) would have worked] and Eric
Marsden's PG (see <>) to talk to
the database. Lisp was a real win for this.

If you do decide on doing a web app, you should also look at
"mod_lisp" and "cl-modlisp" (see CLiki "Web" topic, above) for
doing the Apache to Common Lisp interface. [I *didn't* use it,
for organizational reasons (I didn't control the Apache server),
but I used a very similar Apache-to-CL protocol style.]

Even if you don't do something that complex, certainly look
at using CL to write simple web-based apps. A web browser
is certainly simplest GUI to get going!  ;-}  ;-}  A small
example is at <>.

| When I started Python, I wrote a backup program (console) and a
| checkbook program (gtk).  Then I started porting the app from work,
| which was much more complex, of course.

Well, I also do a lot of small/tiny/toy "scripting" in Lisp,
e.g.: a CLX-based "sysmeter" clone (works in both CMUCL & CLISP),
a random filename generator (for coming up with high-entropy
passwords and obfuscated URLs), a "ketogenic ratio" calculator
(helps with a low-carb diet):

	$ random
	$ random
	$ random
	$ keto 8 6 14	# almonds
	grams: protein 8  carb 6  fat 14
	ketogenic ratio: 1.3890784
	total calories: 182

I prefer it to Perl since I can still *read* it six months later!  ;-}


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