Subject: Re: An ode to Erlang
From: (Rob Warnock)
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 05:18:03 -0500
Newsgroups: comp.lang.lisp
Message-ID: <>
Duane Rettig  <> wrote:
| Helmut Eller <> writes:
| > I say it again to avoid confusion.  The example that I cited is from
| > SBCL and the code that Rob Warnock quoted is from CMUCL.  The CMUCL
| > code contains a fix for the bug (and incidentally I wrote the fix).
| > The SBCL code wasn't fixed.  
| > 
| > If you still think that the variable is lambda-bound in my example
| > then please point out where in this file:
| >
| I did not look in any files.  The only code I _see_ earlier in this
| thread was posted by Rob Warnock.  And I was explicit in saying that
| whatever thread-safety was present there was only with respect to
| the variables themselves.  Whethere there is any other non-thread-safe
| functionality in that code must of course be considered, likely
| for example in the allocate-read-buffer code, but that is attainable.

And my apologies for any confusion I may have inadvertently caused,
though I did include a quote containing the above URL[1] *and* the
text "This is SBCL's reader ...  And it has a threading bug", and I
did try to be clear that I was contrasting that with CMUCL by saying
"The corresponding CMUCL file contains this macro" before displaying it.

The only reason I stopped short of making a definitive statement about
SBCL having a bug was that I hadn't read *all* of the SBCL source, and
for all I knew there might have been some wrapper layer I couldn't see
that contained a fix. But Helmut says not, so no wonder I didn't see it! ;-}


[1] Which URL I *did* go read, but failed (now understandably) to find
    thread-localizing code similar to CMUCL's.

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